Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lazy Saturday

I sit atop my bed updating my blog with the faint smell of my creamy custard candle and the whisper of jack johnson's "better together" delighting my afternoon. There is something so subtly lovely about a lazy saturday afternoon. I usually reserve the luxurity of complete rest for Sunday's but every once in a while a demanding week certainly beckons a little anticipated relaxation. While the addition of having nowhere to be would be awfully indulgent, I unfortunately have quite a few demands in the next coming weeks; namely, studying for my finals and prepping for my study abroad program this summer.

Amidst my "stumbling (StumbleUpon)" and writing, I am also attempting to sort my thoughts. With summer fast approaching (I finish school two Wednesday's from now), there is nothing I need more than a sweet summer playlist for the warm summer nights.
So far:
1. Jack Johnson Better Together
2. Jack Johnson Banana Pancakes
3. Jack Johnson
4. John Mayer Free Fallin'
5. John Mayer Who Says
6. John Mayer Say What You Need To Say
7. John Mayer Edge of Desire
8. Jack Johnson Banana Pancakes
9. Jason Mraz & Colbie Cailat Lucky
10. Jason Mraz I'm Yours
11. The Shins Phantom Limb
12. The Shins So Says I
13. Adele Rolling In The Deep
14. Adele Chasing Pavement
15. Pete Murray Opportunity
16. Pete Murray Fly With You
17. OAR Home
18. The Beatles Blackbird
19. The Beatles Let It Be
20. James Morrison You Make It Real For Me
21. James Morrison Better Man
22. James Morrison Precious Love
23. James Morrison Love is Hard

I also have a little summer wish list I am currently working on:

 I'm off to play in the abundant sunshine.
xx L

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  1. Nice list. Thanks for the playlist :)

    Heel in Mint