Saturday, April 30, 2011

Life is For Savoring.

It's true what they say: life is for savoring. I find it so easy to warp myself into a routine of strict dieting, no-frills dressing and monotonous work scheduling that leaves me feeling consistently exhausted and bored. Lately, I've been loosening up a bit and reflecting on what truly makes one happy. I know that  unfortunately it is not as simple as a set of rules, but I think there are ideals one can at least support or attempt. A few ideas I'm trying to incorporate:
The Seven Ultimate Truths:
1. Eat your heart out, sweetheart.
2. You only live once.
3. Enjoy every day as if it were your last.
4. Achieve "content."
5. Participate in activities that demand descriptions like "exuberant, delightful and lovely."
6. Anticipate smooth sailing (but back your Hunter Rain boots for possible showers).
7.  Enjoy comforts but beckon change. Consider it a spice, adding new flavor to an old favorite.

Lazy Saturday

I sit atop my bed updating my blog with the faint smell of my creamy custard candle and the whisper of jack johnson's "better together" delighting my afternoon. There is something so subtly lovely about a lazy saturday afternoon. I usually reserve the luxurity of complete rest for Sunday's but every once in a while a demanding week certainly beckons a little anticipated relaxation. While the addition of having nowhere to be would be awfully indulgent, I unfortunately have quite a few demands in the next coming weeks; namely, studying for my finals and prepping for my study abroad program this summer.

Amidst my "stumbling (StumbleUpon)" and writing, I am also attempting to sort my thoughts. With summer fast approaching (I finish school two Wednesday's from now), there is nothing I need more than a sweet summer playlist for the warm summer nights.
So far:
1. Jack Johnson Better Together
2. Jack Johnson Banana Pancakes
3. Jack Johnson
4. John Mayer Free Fallin'
5. John Mayer Who Says
6. John Mayer Say What You Need To Say
7. John Mayer Edge of Desire
8. Jack Johnson Banana Pancakes
9. Jason Mraz & Colbie Cailat Lucky
10. Jason Mraz I'm Yours
11. The Shins Phantom Limb
12. The Shins So Says I
13. Adele Rolling In The Deep
14. Adele Chasing Pavement
15. Pete Murray Opportunity
16. Pete Murray Fly With You
17. OAR Home
18. The Beatles Blackbird
19. The Beatles Let It Be
20. James Morrison You Make It Real For Me
21. James Morrison Better Man
22. James Morrison Precious Love
23. James Morrison Love is Hard

I also have a little summer wish list I am currently working on:

 I'm off to play in the abundant sunshine.
xx L

Thursday, April 28, 2011


So I know recently I have been on something of a hiatus from my blogging. These last two weeks for school have been and will continue to be just so demanding. Ugh the final countdown! I cannot believe as a I write from atop my pink polka dot comforter and stare at my Marykate & Ashley Olsen, Audrey Hepburn and chandelier decal- covered walls that in precisely fourteen days my home away from home will cease to exist! But, I've got to admit, I could not be happier to wrap up Calculus, Computer Science, Macroeconomics, Western Civilizations & Italian Three.
Recently I've been craving some chocolate. Okay, maybe not just recently, but I have been dreaming about my favorite desserts. I absolutely cannot wait to go home and bake with my fabulous four best friends!
My motivation for these next two weeks:

In the mess of my studies of course the royal wedding must fall. To wake up or not? 4 AM does not sound too pretty but, how many times does the future king of England really get married? Maybe I'll embrace my English half with a cup of tea tomorrow morning and a scone. How English of me! Kate has gotten pretty skinny these days. It is pretty definite that she has not dabbled in the cupcakes pictured above in quite some time. I cannot really say I blame her. Those photographs will probably hang for like ever. Could you imagine being a real life more than just the thoughts of your daddy. So jeal!

I received some horrible news this week as well. My Best Friend and I are going to Europe on a study abroad program as I mentioned below before and they sent an email about luggage restrictions. Our luggage cannot weigh more than 40 pounds. Literally, a joke! Not to worry, I will not let this affect my packing. A couple of things I know I will be packing: 
My obsession sporting my favorite half shaded sunnies.  I wish I could stuff an Olsen to accompany me on my trip as well...
Lovely Silk Pants. I figured they'll be pretty useful because on the trip we go on professional visits and they can double up as casual pants for day trips. They're also doable dressed up for night, as well.

I'll def be rocking the floppy hat and denim shirt. What a perfect marriage!
Au revior ... I'm off to bury my brain in computer science.
xx L

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Raising the Waist

Higher waists are so in this season. Try rocking a pair of denim shorts with an easy going pocket tee shirt or a cute pair of high-waisted sailor shorts like lauren conrad is rocking :)

I recently just found out I got accepted to a program in Europe for study abroad this summer! It will start in Barcelona to Athens and a ton of place in between... So now I need to get ready for a European summer and revamp my wardrobe! What a great excuse ....

xx L

Sunday, April 10, 2011


So I have newly become obsessed with the Olsen twin duo... they touch on every risque item a fashion junkie likes to follow-up on! I love the unpretentious air they have about them. Their willingness to rock anything kind of inspires me to play dress-up and have fun with clothes. Both sisters seem to have the ability to take even simple pieces (like the white tee in the pic below) and make them fun and different.

Nothing says fashion icon like pictures with Mr. Karl Lagerfeld himself....

Friday, April 8, 2011

The IT glasses of the moment

Sported first on the likes of the Olsen duo, these Italian vintage-inspired glasses are catching on quick. Quirky and cute and perfect for sporting your intellectual alter ego, super™ eyeglasses ciccio frames come in 4 colors- though I prefer the black. Slightly oversized and slightly retro, you are sure to make a statement.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Orange and Fushia Lips

Jill Stuart
Continuing with runway show's obsession with everything 70's, coral, fuschia and orange complemented the clothes this runway season..

Matte Nail Polish

Rose Bowl
L'Espirt- American Apparel
Essie 3 colors- Nice Is Nice, Coat Azure and French Affair.
The Spring 2011 Nail lines are proof that matte is taking over. With the exception of the "gunmetal gray" colored nail trend, matte is overwhelmingly trendy this spring. Embrace it with springs best colors:
Big Colors for Spring 2011: Robin's Egg Blue, Salmon/Peach, Lavender, Nude, Gunmetal Gray

Guntmetal Gray at Chanel Spring 2011->