Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fashionable Pooch

Orange Days

This fall look from Allude Collections is so perfect. It has caught my eye since I stalked the pages of the Fall Fashion Runway Shows. Today I'm adapting the orange look with my bold orange blazer. I love the bold pop of color of the blazer and the severe structure.
Below is a photo of me wearing the blazer with my friend in Paris over the summer. I remember when I was in Paris over July it was unexpectately chilly. I had bought that Blazer in Barcelona the week before and was awfully happy to have it as we sat by the Siene River sipping coffee for a good two hours.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Relaxing Weekend

My girlfriends and I outside a sushi restaurant at the Borgata.

Chicken Fingers+Bravo= TrueLove

I hate how I rarely post my actual outfits, so my past weekend getaway to the Borgata was the perfect opportunity for me to snap a few photos. The weekend was a celebrated repreive from constant exams, financial calculations, interview nervousness and irrational behavior and a time to truly kick back with my three closest girlfriends. 
   Don the cliche comparison to Sex and The City, but really the show has the four of us in a nutshell. And everyone knows that quote comparing your girlfriends to your true loves, but I'm pretty much positive SATC has got it right on that one. There is nothing like relaxing with my four favorite girls! We all have a similar interest in fashion which is wonderful since it seems to come off my tongue quite a bit. But we all display our styles a bit differently, which always makes shopping together fun. I always go for the more outlandish trend-concious styles. Syra tackles fashion with a much more fun and care-free (similar to her personality) approach. She frequents NASTYGAL and is always sporting something outrageous! Katie can be more reserved by more high-fashion focused. Her 5'10 heigh can have her confused for an off-the runway model half the time. Melissa is much mute about her fashion choices, but is the girl in the room you can bet is sporting a pair of Gucci shoes or rocking a Vintage-y Feeling Band Tee.
In the top picture, I am wearing an Equipment Femme White Silk Top with 7 For All Mankind Gray Roxanne Skinny Jeans, Madewell Lace Up Ankle Boots and a (borrowed) Marc by Marc Jacobs Nude Bag. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring is upon us...

With the weather hanging in the upper 50’s during a time that should be filled with puffy winter coats and mittens, I can’t say that I particularly yearning for spring. But nonetheless, I am excited to return to my coatless days.
Fashion week was last week, but of course it was all about F/W 2012. Thinking back to predicted trends for Spring 2012 I have composed a wearable list of the trends I def want to wear this spring.
1. Bold Prints Blouses

I was shopping in Bloomingdales this past weekend and found this fabulous Equipment shirt. I must admit, my love for the brand makes me long for just about every one of their blouses— but this one is perfect for this season.

2. Pink is the new Black
But, seriously. Pink is basically everywhere, in pant suits, in jeans and in blouses and most lusciously in pastel.
3. Mix-matched Bold Prints
I’m not going to lie this is very runway, but I think it has the potential to be worn on the daily— just know your audience. Tone it down for the office or up for a night out with the girls.
 4. Tri-color blocking
Not entirely innovative but it is back again. I have to admit I’m a little bit bored with this, until I saw this parker dress. White and green and gold are a bit more interesting…
5. Pastels
Don the images of pretty Easter eggs, and say hello to the softest trend for spring 2012. Pastels are super workable, and instantly bring a small pop of color. This trend has even ventured into nail polish, like "Navigate Her" from Essie’s Spring Collection. I noticed on my last trip to the nail salon, but figured with snow on the ground it was still a bit premature to sport such a light color.
6. Peplum Tops
It is certainly a nod to the 1950’s, but in a sweet way. I always feel like I’m playing dress up in the morning, so if I was feeling particularly mousy I would probably go with a top in a light, romantic shade. I feel like it could be a great date night top, paired with the obvious choice of a pencil skirt. Parker (one of my absolutely favorite brands) also has a tonned down Peplum top in bright red, which would pair nicely with jeans and pumps.
7. Cold Shoulders
I love this, but mainly for night. In silk styles I think the cold shoulder top reveals just enough skin!
 8. Florals
Florals always linger around springtime. I’m not going to lie florals always sound kind of boring to me. But this spring so many labels are doing florals in pants! I’m between this Citizens of Humanity and J Brands—
 9. Tribal Themed
For a laid back look, I love swinging cardigans. Summer is such a casual time, so I really can see myself working this with some ripped denim shorts hopefully on the beach.