Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear Planet Blue.....

I would really appreciate if you could stop teasing me with this deliciously colored, perfectly designed, coyly priced $769 backpack. It is all I can do to convince myself not to click the "add to bag" button almost every time my eyes meet this special piece. The flesh colored bag is ironically reminiscent of the slight pink that appears on my cheeks in the first few weeks of sun in early looks almost cute, as though I'm wearing blush but I wince past a few days as I become aware that the truth behind the color sets in and becomes painful- aka sunburn. In the words of PB, "The Backpack by Totem features a drawstring closure under a buckle flap, multiple pockets with magnetic button closures, large brass studs, key hook straps and a handle." LOL, it's not really funny any more planet blue. I advise you to remove the bag before I get in big trouble with my favorite credit card and my dad.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shedding Light on the Brights (Lips that is...)

Photo From Teen Vogue

So recently I decided I wanted to venture into the beauty department a little more confidently. Being blessed with naturally tan skin, I have always enjoyed the undertones of my skin and embraced this with warm tone makeup in simple shades. My daily routine includes some foundation and concealer (solely for cover-up purposes) mixed with a bit of light eyeliner and subtle bronzer. Then, I'm out the door. My lips are usually forgotten or lightly bathed in lip balm (to combat the dry, cracked lips I battle during the winter time). But with the pretty makeup trends this summer (Hello, How can I ignore coral lips?) I decided to drive myself over to Bloomingdales to dabble in a few different shades of Orange, Coral and Fuchsia.
With a bit of extra confidence in tow, I walked up to the friendliest person behind the counter and the two of us tried a few different shades on. We selected a few good colors, the top being:
Orange Shade- Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Per Couture in 13 Le Orange
Coral Shade- Mac Sheen Supreme Gotta Dash
Fuchsia- Mac Pro Lipstick Full Fuchsia

On the request of me helpful sales man, I also purchased a lipgloss (rusher, lusher) to combine with the lipstick for a heavier look. Top tips I took in from the application process and sheer wisdom of my makeup man:
1) Bath your lips in moisture pre-application of color- seriously. If you skip this step the color will deposit into the cracks in your lips.
2) Make sure to blot your lipstick color by patting your lips together lightly. This was the hardest to follow for me, believe it or not. Being not so lipstick savvy, I was not really used to putting on lipstick and my nude color is not exactly as demanding. But this is def a rule to follow to avoid looking like you got swallowed up by a crayon box, or a crazy toddler's barbie lipstick makeup kit.

I rocked the coral lipstick color to my dad's birthday brunch in our kitchen complete with warm cinnamon rolls and extra icing, figuring the several cinnamon roll tastings would provide a true test to the durability of the lipstick. It certainly passed the test! I would say it was a hit.

PS- I am looking into SLR camera's still! Anyone have any good suggestions?

Strange Talk Eskimo Boy is basically on repeat right now on my computer. The music video is delicious, as well. What are you super into right now?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Eye-opening trend: Wideleg Pants

Wideleg pants are so hot right now. It's almost alarming I haven't been able to find the right pair yet! I can totally see sporting the perfect pair with a striped boat neck shirt and a nice, dark brown leather belt or a boxy lace top with a pair of light-colored wideleg denim. Tomorrow I'm set to scrounge the racks in nyc. Hopefully I'll be able to locate a pair almost as great as any of the four pictured above! 

Monday, May 16, 2011


My Facebook status updates have seemingly been taken over by a single word. "Done!" is appearing on everyones page and only a few college students are still stuck in their cubicle-sized rooms studying for finals and writing papers. As I am luckily not one of the few left, I have been enjoying my hiatus from school work and have spent my time planning the next four months. Despite my wonderful trip to Europe in the near future (can june 28th come any sooner?), I plan to pass my time in the kitchen, in the streets of Manhattan and through the racks of some of my favorite stores.
I know most people have a number of recipes they hope to get too, but I have planned my next few cooking weeks around a number of ingredients I would like to incorporate. You see, I go through what I like to call "food phases," meaning periods of time where I become incessantly obsessed with certain ingredients. Right now my addictions circulate around bananas, avocados, salmon, and chocolate. (Okay, I will be honest- chocolate is more of a mainstay then a passing addiction. I needed to be check in YEARS ago for my chocolate addiction....)

As with food, I have been going nursing a few clothing addictions recently, as well. However, since I just got back from college and am a little embarrassed to admit I am still living out of the, erm, several suitcases full of clothes I brought back with me, my outfits have been quite limited by my laziness. However, today I will be sifting through my closet and planning what color to repaint my room/ redesign my space. I'd appreciate any suggestions, as well:) Post a visit to my grandmothers I plan on posting some interesting tidbits of information including:
1) my grandmothers spaghetti sauce recipe (in which I will be indulging in this evening)
2) my personal recipe for the most banana-y banana bread
3) what camera I have chosen to invest in
I can't wait to have my camera to finally post/ update with actual pictures so I can share a bit more. 
Xx Lauren

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The essentials...

So I couldn't be happier with the new sunglass shape trend this season. I have always shyed away from sunglasses because I felt as though they were not very flattering for my face shape. Well, especially big sunnies. With my small features, a huge pair of sunglasses kind of engulfed my face. But circular sunglasses are a good compromise for my face. Note gaga sporting the trend above.