Monday, May 16, 2011


My Facebook status updates have seemingly been taken over by a single word. "Done!" is appearing on everyones page and only a few college students are still stuck in their cubicle-sized rooms studying for finals and writing papers. As I am luckily not one of the few left, I have been enjoying my hiatus from school work and have spent my time planning the next four months. Despite my wonderful trip to Europe in the near future (can june 28th come any sooner?), I plan to pass my time in the kitchen, in the streets of Manhattan and through the racks of some of my favorite stores.
I know most people have a number of recipes they hope to get too, but I have planned my next few cooking weeks around a number of ingredients I would like to incorporate. You see, I go through what I like to call "food phases," meaning periods of time where I become incessantly obsessed with certain ingredients. Right now my addictions circulate around bananas, avocados, salmon, and chocolate. (Okay, I will be honest- chocolate is more of a mainstay then a passing addiction. I needed to be check in YEARS ago for my chocolate addiction....)

As with food, I have been going nursing a few clothing addictions recently, as well. However, since I just got back from college and am a little embarrassed to admit I am still living out of the, erm, several suitcases full of clothes I brought back with me, my outfits have been quite limited by my laziness. However, today I will be sifting through my closet and planning what color to repaint my room/ redesign my space. I'd appreciate any suggestions, as well:) Post a visit to my grandmothers I plan on posting some interesting tidbits of information including:
1) my grandmothers spaghetti sauce recipe (in which I will be indulging in this evening)
2) my personal recipe for the most banana-y banana bread
3) what camera I have chosen to invest in
I can't wait to have my camera to finally post/ update with actual pictures so I can share a bit more. 
Xx Lauren

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  1. I never liked bananas but chocolates..yes. Love them! Love avocados too.

    Heel in Mint