Thursday, April 28, 2011


So I know recently I have been on something of a hiatus from my blogging. These last two weeks for school have been and will continue to be just so demanding. Ugh the final countdown! I cannot believe as a I write from atop my pink polka dot comforter and stare at my Marykate & Ashley Olsen, Audrey Hepburn and chandelier decal- covered walls that in precisely fourteen days my home away from home will cease to exist! But, I've got to admit, I could not be happier to wrap up Calculus, Computer Science, Macroeconomics, Western Civilizations & Italian Three.
Recently I've been craving some chocolate. Okay, maybe not just recently, but I have been dreaming about my favorite desserts. I absolutely cannot wait to go home and bake with my fabulous four best friends!
My motivation for these next two weeks:

In the mess of my studies of course the royal wedding must fall. To wake up or not? 4 AM does not sound too pretty but, how many times does the future king of England really get married? Maybe I'll embrace my English half with a cup of tea tomorrow morning and a scone. How English of me! Kate has gotten pretty skinny these days. It is pretty definite that she has not dabbled in the cupcakes pictured above in quite some time. I cannot really say I blame her. Those photographs will probably hang for like ever. Could you imagine being a real life more than just the thoughts of your daddy. So jeal!

I received some horrible news this week as well. My Best Friend and I are going to Europe on a study abroad program as I mentioned below before and they sent an email about luggage restrictions. Our luggage cannot weigh more than 40 pounds. Literally, a joke! Not to worry, I will not let this affect my packing. A couple of things I know I will be packing: 
My obsession sporting my favorite half shaded sunnies.  I wish I could stuff an Olsen to accompany me on my trip as well...
Lovely Silk Pants. I figured they'll be pretty useful because on the trip we go on professional visits and they can double up as casual pants for day trips. They're also doable dressed up for night, as well.

I'll def be rocking the floppy hat and denim shirt. What a perfect marriage!
Au revior ... I'm off to bury my brain in computer science.
xx L

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