Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Pooch

H&M Shirt, Free People Shorts, Vintage Watch
So, I finally got my DSLR- as you can probably tell. Finally I can update with pictures- so here is what I wore post-internship. The shirt is super light which was perfect for the unbearably hot day today turned out to be.
It's a rough 99 degrees today in New Jersey, completely unbearable for humans and certainly unbearable for the other new thing in my life- my new pooch! Meet Cuppy- named by my sister, Michelle. She is a Cockapoo (part Cocker Spaniel and part Poodle) and weighs about eight pounds now. Just three weeks ago she was super small at only three pounds. Despite her small size she is certainly very yappy. I'm probably going to take her for a quick walk soon- she barely lasts more than 4 minutes up the street, at least she's low maintenance in that respect. Unfortunately, she has a certain affection for shoes. She started out slow slyly nawing on my mom's new sperrys, until she found a new interest in my Tory Burch Flats, finally she found my dad's loafers. She's kind of on a tight rope until she's booted out to doggie day school.


  1. Love hw u team ur top wth ur chic!:-)
    much love,

  2. nice blouse!
    Ps. you forgot to follow me. ahaha.

  3. Love this outfit! Thanks for your comment! I follow you now :) xx

  4. Love the shorts stunning <33333

  5. Love the blouse, I have the same one! great minds :)