Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Aritzia Dress, Lucky Brand Wedge Shoes, Vintage Watch
 Despite the warm temperature, I decided to don a maxidress I purchased a few weeks ago.  In the morning, there was a slight breeze but the length of the dress made up for the early chill. I grabbed lunch with my boyfriend around one and I could feel the temperature had a rose a bit, so I ate my yummy Asian chicken salad inside. Paired with nothing more than my warm leather Lucky wedges, it was such a relaxed look for the casual day I enjoyed. Probably the best thing about this dress is that it does not require any annoying undergarments (i.e. slip or such) which certainly adds to the simple allure of the dress and most likely influenced me to slip it on at seven o clock this morning.
I must take a second to talk about my toe color, as bizzare as that may sound. I kept seeing the Essie advertisement for various shades of blue, and when I found this egg's robin blue I just had to try it. The name is Lapis of Luxury.
Toe Color: Lapis of Luxury by Essie

Post lunch, I said goodbye to the boyfriend (who is not much of a shopper) and dragged myself to finally purchase this candle I have been pinning after. It's not very expensive ($16) but gives a wonderful scent that is reminiscent of a clean man (for when he's not available). The scent is certainly very delightful in the evening with a nice bath and pairs quite well with lavender soap (and perhaps a rubber duck?).
 Suede Blanc by Voluspa Candle


  1. I love the dress! And those shoes are very cool ;)

  2. Love your dress!Super chic!

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  4. I love Maxi dresses!!

  5. Maxi dresses are so wonderful! Sadly I always seem to be too tall for them! They are never the length I want them to be.

  6. Lovely dress and your blog is amazing.
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  7. nice nice sandals, i really love them, you have an amazing style!


  8. thank you for your lovely comment. Shopping and baking, two of my fave things to do! Following you back of course :)


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    great sandals loveeeeee it!


  10. thanks for following any tips for dress for tomboy girl/ girly i guess lol

  11. Great maxi dress and sandals. Voluspa is hands down my fave candles but haven't tried the suede blanc yet.
    Love your blog and now following :)

  12. super cute! you should make your photos bigger so we can see your outfits better! I'm following you back.

  13. cute blog dear!! I love your sandals in this post!! I can't get a good view of the maxi dress but it looks from that angle.