Wednesday, December 14, 2011

'Tis the Season

With final season nearing it's close, there is nothing I am more excited for then packing up my bags, choosing a nice book and heading home for the holiday season. This past month has been filled with more studying then I could have ever dreamt, and I couldn't be more excited to be nearing the end of this semester. It's nice to have a month to kick back and recollect your thoughts- and I have a lot planned to fill up all my free time.

To kick off the end of the semester and the holiday season, last week I hosted a little holiday get together for a few close friends. I choose to wear something easy to move around in, as I had hustle the wine and cheese, appetizer platters and cocktails out to the dining area.  Below are a few photographs of me from the party- wearing a White Flowy Patterson J. Kincaid Top, Snow-Colored Pleasure Doing Business Skirt and Steve Madden Rushhh Pumps.
The end of the party concluded with a little champagne toast to the end of the semester- which was quite fun in itself. It will be sad to leave my friends for the month- but I am happy to see my friends from home and to share my time with them.
I will arrive home on Saturday- which only leaves me with a week to do all my Christmas shopping! I have gifts picked out for my dad, boyfriend and sister already, but I am between a few things for my mom. I'll have to scrounge the malls when I get home to look for the perfect present.
I will most likely be back in the hosting seat when I come home- as I am planning a cookie swap party with my home friends. I have already made a few pre-batch tests and am narrowing my choices down between my two favorites: peanut butter blossoms and candy cane cookies. Since chocolate has always been my first love, I will most likely go with the peanut butter blossoms. They pair well with a nice cup of coffee and I can see myself spending my month at home nibbling on the remaining cookies.

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